The recent killings of the former Sierra Leone Army Chief of Staff, S.O. Williams and the former Lawyer, Imran Rahman should serve as a wakeup call for Decisive Action by the Sierra Leone government. President Koroma, it is time you do something more serious, particularly in taming violence, lawlessness and the gross indiscipline of Sierra Leoneans, especially as we are now entering the year 2017, before it is be too late, for the fact that the Sierra Leone elections are just around the corner. If you fail to take decisive action now against such rebel-terrorist Sierra Leoneans so-called armed robbers and the witch-craft gangsters’ that called themselves ‘Cliques’ what is currently happening in the country would be a tip of the iceberg of the pending elections.

President Koroma, I am always concerned about the safety and wellbeing of my brothers and Sisters Sierra Leoneans in the country. Therefore, in many of my writings I always advise you on how you should beware of the enemies of peace, progress and development in and out of the country, especially on how they are not sleeping in putting their ungodly plans against your government and the nation.

Such unpatriotic and un-nationalistic so-call Sierra Leoneans have many diverse ways in trying to make your government becomes unpopular or trying to bring it down by all means, if you allow them. The current killing of our peaceful former senior citizens is another case in point.

The enemies of peace and development intentions are to drive away all good investors and international community representatives in the country at the expense of the struggling nation. By making the country ungovernable or by making people see it as unsafe place to live. As we have heard and reading some of their media men and women commentary and writings. Even some of the captions of their stories will tell you where they are heading to.

However, President Koroma and fellow Sierra Leoneans, currently my heart is bleeding because of the recent killing of innocent and defenceless Sierra Leoneans, especially our former senior state men in the country. Upon hearing the simultaneous brutal murdering of peaceful Sierra Leoneans in their residences by the products of the devil (Satan), I became upset completely because of such news.

In view of that during the process of fighting the graveness of my broken heart, many questions came into my mind, such as why Sierra Leoneans are becoming more and more indiscipline and lawless day in and day out in the country? Why are they become so wicked to one another? Why Sierra Leoneans seemingly refusing to learn good lesson from the brutal civil war that took the lives of many poor innocent, powerless and defenceless Sierra Leoneans in the country? Or is it because of the very good human right history record of President Koroma? That is why the devil-incarnation so-called Sierra Leoneans are taking him for granted?

The war that been arched by some of the very greedy and selfish politicians that are currently parading in the country as flag bearers. Who set the country ablaze and escaped to other countries for the safety of their own lives and families. Leaving the poor and illiterate or semi-illiterate defenceless Sierra Leoneans that made up of the bulk of the nation amputating one another’s legs, hands and killing themselves. Looting and burning their own towns and villages to satisfy their ungrateful politicians at their own detriment. What type of stupidity is that my people?

Now they are on it again. They came again to brainwash our poor people and at the end of the day, they will run away for the safety of their lives and those of their families and close relatives. Currently they are doing all things possible to bring down the very hardworking government of President Koroma as they did in the 70sand the90s, especially to late President Joseph Saidu Momoh’s former APC government.

However I will like to extend my unreserved sincere condolence to the bereaved families of the two late former senior state men, the late Army Chief, S.O. Williams and Lawyer Imran Raham in the country. I know how they are currently feeling, particularly the pain of losing some one in such a wicked way. But I am encouraging them to continue putting their trust in God who makes and takes back. Therefore, they should not cry and mourned like unbelievers, because God has a purpose for whatever he allows to happened, be it good or bad according to the two Holy Books, the Bible and the Quran.

Therefore, fellow Sierra Leoneans, please let us stop the bad attitudes and behaviours of blame game and politicizing important state issues, particularly on things that concerned the entire nation, especially members of the media should stop doing that. We should always learn to put aside our differences, particularly our political, regional and tribal differences to save our country from the hands of the barbarian and vandal Sierra Leoneans.

 In view of that we should learn to come together to fight the enemies of peace, progress and development in the country, especially the  rebel-terrorist Sierra Leoneans that are currently destroying the precious lives of our peaceful hard working fellow Sierra Leoneans.

The hard fact is, there is no one that is hundred percent perfect in this universe, be it a government or social organisations. As such no one knows it all. Therefore, no one can do it all without the support of others. Therefore, the security of the country should be collaborative efforts of all peace loving Sierra Leoneans. It should not only left in the hands of government because government alone cannot secure all of us or will find it difficult to succeed in protecting all of us without our honest total support as patriotic citizens.

The fact is that some of us even our own children or families in our homes or houses we cannot control them or find it very difficult to discipline them. But sometimes we are the very people that easily casting blame against others for not disciplining their children or family in their homes. There are lots of wayward children, families and broken homes in our communities. How much more in controlling 7,000.000 people of a country?

Please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to defend the APC government in connection with lawlessness and indiscipline in the country. But what I am talking about are hard facts that one cannot easily dispute.

In view of that national issues such as lawlessness and indiscipline in the country need every peace oriented Sierra Leoneans positive input, especially the issue of the Sierra Leonean rebel-terrorists  the so-called armed robbers in the country. Such issues should not be politicized, regionalized or tribal because they are state issues that we should come together as Sierra Leoneans to fight against by all means. The reason being, we do not know who will be the next person/s tomorrow. Therefore, it is not only an issue of the government of the day. For the fact that when a government of the day becomes so hard on its citizens, we are the very one that will start to cry it down. By giving it all sorts of names such as dedicator ship government, tyranny or human rights abuse government.

Therefore,  we should always come together to fight against the deadly Ebola human Sierra Leonean Viruses for the safety  and wellbeing of all Sierra Leoneans, especially those in the country. The reason being, what is currently happening in the watch of APC government it could happen to any other government tomorrow, be it SLPP or not, as long as we depend on blame game against one another or APC government instead of asking ourselves what we should do as patriotic citizens to solve the menace of our hard earned peace in the country.

 But it’s a pity that some Sierra Leoneans are seemingly not interested in peace and development. Their concerned is how to put their satanic diabolic plans together against the country and its government at the expense of the poor suffering masses.

When the attacks on peaceful Sierra Leoneans homes, especially people that we considered to be senior citizens, particularly one of the SLPP flag bearer aspirant home, Alie Kabba. Certain Sierra Leoneans began to politicize the issue, especially some members of the media. Some of them even went as far as calling the name of our decent and peaceful patriotic gallant military men and women in the country.

With the aim of simmering their good characters, by allegedly stating that the attack on Alie Kabba’s home was done by four military personnel. Also how they were trying to since Alie Kabba because he was a vocal opposition politician against the APC government. Their unpatriotic inciting comments and writings sounded like it was the APC government that sent the said men in military uniforms to assassinate Alie Kabba.

Have you seen how dangerous some of our media men and women are? Instead of addressing the issue of the intended attack of Alie Kabba’s home, instead they were trying to politicize it. Now that our former senior citizens are being murdered in a similar circumstance what are they going to say about that? Just listen to their comments and read their writings you will see their nakedness, how double standard they are at the expense of the poor nation.

Also hypocritically those who have been strongly opposing one of the strong men of the APC Ministers, Palo Conteh when he said he would like to wake up the “Moses Law,” kill for killing the country, they are currently trying to support him in away. They, the hypocrite double standards’ Sierra Leoneans, who have been saying crucify him for saying that. Now, they have started to say hosanna, hosanna.

 President Koroma, Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police force, Francis Munu and the no nonsense Minister of Internal Affairs, Palo Conteh over to you. Sierra Leoneans want to see practical example of disciplinary action now, action that every one of them will learn a good lesson from. Enough is enough!

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BY Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia - The New Rising Sun Contributor