As No one will Contest Her, Lawyer Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright Is Fittest for the Freetown City Council Mayor

The most topical issue doing the rounds these days with the All People’s Congress (APC) Party especially the Freetown Municipality is that who shall emerge as the most outstanding suitable candidate for Mayor to contest the next elections.

Lawyer Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright, Aspirant for the Freetown City Council Mayor

The list of potential running mates for the APC Mayor in the Freetown Municipality is indeed very with more names on the trot.

However, the name which most APC members and supporters would tip the scale in terms of popularity, educational background, and International experience is that of Lawyer Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright, a Legal Consultant.

Lawyer Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright is the daughter of Mr. Cyril-Bunton Rogers-Wright aka Shekpendeh, a former renowned Journalist, Politician, and one of the longest standing APC member who had earlier contested in 1967 general elections as Member of Parliament East three.

Madam Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright had become an active member of APC Party for over 40 years. She contested in 1982 under the party as Member of Parliament having won the Primaries against Osman Kamara and Bob Allen during the astute leadership of former President Siaka P. Stevens. A trained Lawyer, having Law Chambers in Sierra Leone, United States of America and United Kingdom.

Mrs. Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright is mooted to be the fittest and most favorite not because of her educational background, but more so because she had worked for several years to sustain the strength and popularity of the APC party. This is evident in the manner in which she is mostly appreciated and loved in Murray Town, Tengbeh town and Lumley.

Lawyer Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright has charm, leadership qualities to transform the Freetown Municipality best to the country’s advantage. She is on the record for recent dramatic development drives that seen more females secure Scholarships as well as financially support construction development at Murray town and Lumley respectively.

Against this background, Mrs. Jamesina R. Rogers-Wright is tagged to be the best person to salvage the appalling conditions affecting Freetown. Most people are with the impression that her disciplined attributes over the years will steer the ship for a successful story at the Freetown City Council.

It is  therefore little wonder why majority of APC supporters were happy when she accepted to join the race of potential Mayoral Candidates, because they believed she understands the issues and has what it takes to continue addressing, implementing and completing the infrastructural and other development aspirations, projects and visions highlighted to be undertaken by the Council.

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