“Ramadan, a time during which Muslims strived to live a morally upright life; a more decent and spiritually-uplifting life” - Imam Suliaman Tarawallie

At the Beltsville Academy # 4300 Wicomico Avenue, Beltsville, Maryland in the United States, where a large number of Muslims converged for the Eid-Ul Fitr Prayer to mark the end of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, Imam Suliaman Tarawallie, the Chief Imam of the Jamil-ul-Jalil Jamaat in Maryland, was the officiating Imam.

Imam Suliaman Tarawallie entering the hall for the Eid Prayer

In his Eid-Ul-Fitr Message to the diverse group of Muslims – Sierra Leoneans, African American and Africans from different countries – who gathered at the Beltsville Academy in Maryland for the Eid-Ul Fitr Prayer, Imam Suliaman Tarawallie urged his listeners that they should be faithful to Allah as Muslims. He also assured his fellow Muslims that, because of their sacrifices throughout the month of Ramadan, “Allah has forgiven you as you have completed the month of Ramadan”.

“Eid-Ul Fitr, as Muslims today is a blessing for us as we’re celebrating the end of the Month of Ramadan festival, a month prescribed for Muslims to worship Allah. The Imam further said that Allah brought Islam for Muslims in order for Muslims to bring Unity in the world. He also said that for a Muslim to go to heaven, Muslims has to follow the footsteps of Prophet of Mohammad (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) and the truth that came with Islamic teachings.

Imam Suliaman Tarawallie delivering the Eid Sermon

Ramadan, a time during which Muslims strived to live a morally upright life; a more decent and spiritually-uplifting life - Imam Suliaman Tarawallie urged Muslims to continue the good behavior cultivated during the month of Ramadan; to continue the good deeds, to continue the five daily prayers, the only thing that connect Muslims and Allah; to continue on the righteous path; to continue to worship Allah.

The Prophet Mohammad, (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah), the Islamic scholar stated that fasting is “a shield” for the believers. It is not only a timeframe during which we stay away from food, drink and carnal desires, but also a state of mind; one which goes beyond the actual fasting hours in the month of Ramadan, and hopefully spills over to the rest of our lives. 

Among other things, Imam Suliaman Tarawallie admonished his fellow Muslims to continue to unite. He called for the promotion of the Jamil-ul-Jalil Muslim Jamaat so that the Jamaat (organization) would grow and the Muslims promoting the Islamic Jamaat would be blessed by Allah for their efforts. He also appealed to the men to be good to their wives; and the women to be good to their husbands. “The month of Ramadan has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we should revert to all those vices we have avoided during the month of Ramadan”, the Jamil-ul-Jalil Imam warned.

The Imam implored his Muslim Audience to forgive one another in order for them to become complete Muslims. He asked for Allah forgiveness and the protection of his respective families. “May Allah accept all our prayers during the just concluded month of Ramadan”, the Chief Imam prayed.

Alhaji Suliaman Barrie

In his address during the night of Laitul Qaudr at 10845 Lanham Severn Road, Glenn Dale, Maryland on Friday, June 23rd, 2017, at the newly acquired space for the Jamil-ul-Jalil Masjid, Alhaji Suliaman Barrie appealed to his audience to make it a point of duty to educate their children about Islam; to endeavor to give their children Islamic education, a service Jamil-ul-Jalil providing to the community. “It’s only by so doing that our children can pray for us after we are gone as we have just witnessed this night the students of Jamil Jalil reciting verses from the Holy Quran” Alhaji Suliaman Barrie then went on to invite Imams and Islamic Scholars that talked about Islam, the Prophet Mohammad and the Holy Quran and also the important of Ramadan and the night of Laitul Qaudr.

LAITUL QAUDR - Laitul Qaudr as the night of power, the night of judgment and the night of decree, the night that Allah’s plan for next year is revealed on this night. “It is on this night that Allah decides on all those that are going to be born and all those that are going to die.” Laitul Qaudr “the night of great honor and respect.” “This night is more important than 1,000 months. The blessing acquired on this night is equivalent to the blessing acquired in eighty three years.

Speaker after speaker urged Muslims to pray throughout this night so that they can get the full blessing of Lailatul Qaudr. They also stressed the need for Muslims to meet other obligations like the paying of Zakat (Muslim offering of two and a half percent of one’s annual income), and offering Charity to the needy, especially during the month of Ramadan. The paying of Zakat and the offering of Charity has immense benefits, the Imams pointed out.” Aside from purifying our souls, the offering of Zakat and Charity can open many opportunities to the giver.

On the night of the Lailatul Qaudr at the jammed packed Jamil-ul-Jalil Masjid, Speaker after speaker spoke eloquently and persuasively about Islam, the Prophet Mohammad and the Holy Quran. They all delivered powerful messages – message that are bound to reverberate among Muslims.

Alhaji Suliaman Barrie appealed to the attendees to contribute generously toward the Jamil-ul-Jalil. He thanked the women for providing food throughout the month of Ramadan.

Alhaji Amara Saccoh - President Jamil-ul-Jalil

Sheik Fouad Conteh

Ishmail Mansaray

Abu Bakarr Kargbo

Abu Bakarr Kanu


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Jamil-ul-Jalil is a 501© (3) non-profit community organization whose purpose is to promote the positive and mainstream message of Islam.  We are an organization dedicated to the betterment of our communities.  Our motto is “Empowering our youth to strengthen our community.”  We believe that to have a stronger community our youth must be our focus and as such our cultural center will not only be used for worship but will also be used for mentorship, tutoring, after-school activities, elder services, counseling and cultural and religious education. 

Jamil-ul-Jalil Cultural Center will provide support to all community members, not just Muslims.  We believe that in order to create a better world for our children and our children’s children, we must all work together to educate our children and provide services to those in need and the general public.  In line with this belief, we have officiated funerals, weddings and naming ceremonies and will continue to do so.  We also visit and pray for and with those who are ill, have lost loved ones or just need prayers due to personal hardships.  With a permanent physical location, these services will grow exponentially as it would provide us with the ability to bring in more people to provide counsel to those with marital/personal problems and more people to meet the above community needs.  We look forward to working Prince George’s County to meet the needs of the community.


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