The name, ALBERT SENESIE is an icon in North America. Click on it and you are confronted with a wide range of choices from SLPP Chairman, New England Chapter to Founder, President/CEO, Consultant, and Philanthropist etc. He occupies a unique position among immigrants in America but sadly, this man hardly speaks of himself; something very frustrating for progressive minds like me.

It has been said that greatness is measured by the height one attains and obstacles one overcomes but I will add a third and very significant condition; the depth one comes from. When you look at the height Mr. Albert Senesie has attained, the agonizingly insurmountable obstacles he overcame and the depth he came from, the ascription HE IS GREAT becomes an imperative. To paint a compelling portrait of Albert Senesie in one attempt would be literary apartheid. I will come again to embellish my points after this piece.

After migrating to the United States of America in early 1990s, Albert Senesie found himself at the periphery of the society. This was after a successful sojourn as a Science Professor in The Gambia. As a man fired with intense enthusiasm, highly competent, well-read, thoroughly researched and clearly organized, he soon found himself at the almighty Harvard University where his great intellectual rapidity, perceptiveness and poetic power earned him a graduate degree. 

Albert Senesie finds work in human service as dazzling as a first love because he nurtures an undying passion for the needy. This drove him into work with and for human services in Boston, Massachusetts. 

While working in Human Services, Albert Senesie focused on critical issues that cannot be glossed over and there discovered that minority groups were not enjoying the same recognition as others. He transcended national boundaries and showed sensitivity and warmth to minorities by forming Victory Human Services (VHS) in 2000. He has been justified by posterity considering the huge number of minorities who want to join VHS. The sparkling life and astonishingly intelligent Albert Senesie has been able to groom Victory Human Services from USD 62, 000 in 2003 Fiscal Year to USD 12.53, 000,000 in 2016 Fiscal Year. Let us remember this is in Massachusetts where the world’s best ivory towers of academics are built, where competition among Human Services agencies is so fierce that bigger agencies lobby to abort smaller ones for the sake of monopoly. Yet, VHS hasn’t just survived on rocks and stones but grown from 4 individuals in 2002 to more than 500 in 2017. 

One would want to ask: What has all this got to do with SLPP? Well, he carved a familiar landscape in and with SLPP. The SLPP New England Chapter is proud to have Albert Senesie as Chairman but his activities in and with SLPP is as old as the man himself. For Albert, his triple Ts (Time, Talent & Treasure), are placed at the disposal of his SLPP. Let me do a successful excursion with you in recent history. In 1997, he co-founded SLPP New England and Tegloma Federation New England Chapter. He contributed and participated fully in the Late Tejan Kabbah and Solo B elections. During the latter, he spent 3 months in Sierra Leone canvassing votes for Solo B and SLPP. In 2016, when he was elected Chairman of SLPP New England Chapter, the chapter was in disarray with most members subscribing to presidential candidates and not the profession of the party. Albert stood his ground and put party first. Today, there 45 fully registered members of SLPP NE, not accounting for those who are either returning or sitting on the borders. In the last presidential and parliamentary elections, he sent funds to strategic senior party officials through the New England Chapter. 

Today, Sierra Leone is at the crossroads with opportunities and grave danger all in one package. An engaging and bright light, gem of purest ray and the keenest repository of the collective history of Sierra Leone need to come onboard. Henry Kissinger is quoted to have said that “the mark of a great leader is to take society from where it is to where it has never been before.” This is the aspiration of HE Julius Maada Bio and people like Albert Senesie know how to reach that destination. Albert has the requisite clout and flair, integrity, principled conscience and can satisfactorily defend SLPP and Sierra Leone at any fora. He redefined human services as a penniless immigrant against all odds with an unblemished character. As Sierra Leone yearns for an ethical rebirth, as SLPP strives for a moral repositioning in Sierra Leone, a towering political figure like Albert Senesie must be onboard.  

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Albert Jusu - Boston, Massachusetts, USA