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Love Him or Hate Him, Donald Trump Has Transformed Politics Forever
As my readers know, I don’t pay much attention to polls. I think they are a total waste of time and have proven to be extremely inaccurate over the past few years. According to polls, Mitt Romney shou ...(More)

Minabien: Our Own Little Poet from Sierra Leone
One Kenyan writer described him as a ‘poet who treads where adult dread’. Another wrote about him with the following headline, ‘Inhaling life, exhaling poetry’. The subject is surprisingly 11yrd-old M ...(More)

Information and Communications Technology - ICT can help governments tap into the Over-The-Top - OTT market to create revenue for development
The impact of the network effect on the growth of Chat apps in telecommunications has become evident. In 2020 both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will have more than 1 billion Multi-station Access U ...(More)

Black Republican Surrogates Like Pastor Mark Burns Need A Permanent Timeout
I am really getting fed up with the constant drumbeat of criticism of Donald Trump’s campaign, especially the criticism coming from Black Republicans. They seem to be willing to give President Obama, ...(More)

The Settlements: Self-Entrapment of Existential Proportions
Israel’s continued settlement activity—whether retroactively approving ‘unauthorized’ outposts or advancing plans for new units as was recently announced—represents yet another nail in the coffin of t ...(More)

800 Sierra Leone Pilgrims Arrive in Mecca
About eight hundred (800) would –be Sierra Leonean pilgrims have safely landed on the Holy Land of Mecca; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to perform this year’s Muslim pilgrimage. ...(More)

As I used to say, not because I am currently living in a relatively peaceful country with my family, therefore, I should forget about the wellbeing of my brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans in our c ...(More)

Alon Ben-Meir "Incentives And Peace [Part 2]"
Unless distrust, insecurity, and illusions are first addressed, no incentives—however sweeping and compelling—will motivate Israel and the Palestinians to make the critical concessions needed to reach ...(More)

For nearly two decades GVG technology has assisted African governments regulate their telecommunications sectors and combat fraud
For just short of two decades Global Voice Group (GVG) has been successfully supplying innovative technology solutions to support governments in Africa to regulate their telecommunications sectors an ...(More)

A Big Thank You from the Newly Elected Chairman of the APC-USA Branch, Comrade Unisa I.B. Kanu
Peace and tranquility is once again flowing in the APC-USA branch. Politics is a game of numbers and if numbers determines the success of any political event, then the just concluded APC-USA National ...(More)
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