Android Copies One Of The iPhone’s Best Privacy Features

Google Play has introduced a new feature called Data Security, where developers will have to give users more information about the information their app collects in addition to explaining how it does it and why.

It’s been nearly a year since Google announced it was working on this tool after seeing Apple’s success with privacy-focused so-called “nutrition labels.” The company presented its own official version on Tuesday that has several aspects similar to that of its main competitor.

The data of each user has become very valuable, and with each movement we make on the internet, more and more information about us is collected. In recent years, attention has been paid to these actions and more and more users are aware of and active in defending their privacy on the Internet. For this reason, Google has introduced this new function to help us know what data is collected by the apps that we have downloaded on our smartphones.

In this new section we will be able to discover if the developer is collecting data and why it is doing so, if it shares this information with third parties, the level of security of the app, for example, if it is encrypted, if it complies with Google’s family policies or if the app has been validated with a global security standard.

Apart from all this, users will have the possibility to know if the app really needs data collection to work correctly or if it is something optional. Google ‘s goal is to offer users more information and control over the information that the apps they have installed collect and record in their databases.

Developers will have until July 20 to fill out the information form that we can find when visiting this section in each of the apps. If there is any change in the privacy policy of any app, the developer will have to update the form, and in the event that they do not do so or that they do not directly fill in this section, a series of actions will be applied that will have as a final consequence removal of the app from the Play Store.

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