Lord Felipe VI Discloses His Resources Interestingly

King Felipe VI has made public his personal assets amounting to 2,573,392.80 euros. Of this amount, just over 2.2 million are deposits in current or savings accounts and fund participation values, while just over 300,000 euros are art objects, antiques and jewelry , according to Zarzuela.

Said heritage, explains the Casa del Rey in a statement, comes from the remuneration received by Felipe VI in the last 25 years, first as Prince of Asturias since 1998 and then since 2014 as monarch. In total, in this period he has received 4,275,766.94 euros , to which must be deducted the tax withholdings made as well as the taxes paid in these years.

From Zarzuela, they claim that since his proclamation Felipe VI “began the path of modernizing the Crown to make it more deserving of the respect and trust of citizens under the principles of exemplary, transparency, rectitude and integrity in their behavior”.

In a statement, the Casa del Rey refers to his speech on June 19, 2014, when he already referred to the citizen demand “exemplarity” in public life . “This demand for public regeneration is very present in the millions of people who face their daily work with effort and honesty, with vitality and generosity” and who “fulfill their obligations on a daily basis”, he pointed out.

The king’s decision does not affect Queen Letizia, as the King’s House considers that the queen does not have “constitutional responsibilities” and that the Head of State is the king, according to Zarzuela sources.

The Government and the PP were informed
Sources from the Casa del Rey have specified that both the Government and the main opposition party, the PP, have been informed and share Felipe VI’s decision to make his assets public.

Likewise, the head of the Casa del Rey, Jaime Alfonsín, has contacted other parliamentary groups with the exception of ERC, Junts, CUP, Bildu and BNG, parties that, the sources have recalled, are not with the consensus of the Constitution of 1978, thus following the criteria established at the time by the then Vice President Carmen Calvo.

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