The UA approaches Science and Gastronomy with a total preparation program

Science applied to culinary practice and to rice dishes and haute cuisine, making ice cream, excellence in dining room work, sustainable gastronomic tourism, local development, hotel business management,… are some of the courses organized by the University of Alicante through the Gastronomy Center of the Mediterranean, Gasterra UA-Dénia whose registration period opens from the month of May. It is a varied training program that aims to increase the skills of students in scientific and business development issues.

The course “Science applied to culinary practice” aims to improve and perfect the skills of students through the study of physical, chemical and sensory phenomena that occur in the kitchen, raised from a technological point of view and with high rigor. scientific, although accessible to people without a scientific basis.

The course is innovative in introducing future professionals to culinary chemistry and how to apply scientific methods, design techniques and processes applied to gastronomic projects related to consumer products, technology, behaviors and trends. It also addresses, among other topics, the challenge of digitizing and properly managing a kitchen.

It will begin in September and will last for three months. It is coordinated by Professor Ana Beltrán, from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Bromatology of the Faculty of Sciences, and is aimed at students in cooking and restaurant training cycles, as well as professionals who want to improve their knowledge. It is developed in blended learning mode and practical classes are taught in the kitchen laboratories of the University of Alicante and the Center for Tourism Technologies INVATTUR (Benidorm), dependent on Turisme Generalitat. Both have the latest culinary resources and equipment.

Similarly, the UA offers the course “The excellence of dining room work in haute cuisine and restaurants” aimed at undergraduate and master’s degree students, as well as professionals who want to improve their practice. Among the contents that will be covered are: understanding the importance of personal image and customer service, developing correct customer service attitudes, knowing the phases of a service and knowing how to prepare it, as well as training students in psychosocial skills for the balanced management of protocol, ceremonial and human relations techniques and standards in room care.

According to the director of the course, Professor Rosa Torres Valdés from the Department of Communication and Social Psychology at the UA: “The ultimate goal is to provide students with the fundamental tools to serve an excellent restaurant service that combines the variables attention in the dining room, such as empathic capacity, handling emotions and uncomfortable situations, verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication, which contribute to the gastronomic experience as an added value”. Classes will be taught at the University of Alicante in the morning.

On the other hand, GASTERRA will complete its training program with specialization courses such as: “Sustainable gastronomic tourism and local development”, “Hospitality business management”, “Culinary science and technology applied to rice dishes and haute cuisine”, “Expert in ice cream” and “Create your own business in the gastronomy sector”.

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